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Interaudit Consultancy & Accountancy

InterAudit is the international department of the Fiscal and Accounting Consultancy “Asesoría Fiscal y Contable” José María Jiménez Chacón. On our website you will find information about our services, the philosophy of our office and extensive fiscal information.

Academic, educational and professional information


  • Graduated in Economic and Management Sciences, General Branch, University of Malaga. 1978.
  • Member of the Associations of Economists of Malaga, Granada and Cordoba
  • Member of A.E.C.A. (Spanish Association of Accounting and Administration of Companies)
  • Member number 553 of the Registry of Forensic Economists
  • Member nº 1.993 of the Registry of Accounting and Financial Information Experts


  • Qualified in Financial Auditing in 1989, by the General Council of Associations of Economists of Spain.
  • Registered in the official Registry of Account Auditors (ROAC) of the Institute of Accountancy and Account Auditing (ICAC) of the Spanish Treasury with N º 16.670
  • Member of the Registry of Economists – Auditors of Spain N º 2.149
  • Member nº 14.557 of the 11th Territorial Association of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain

The consultancy is directed towards:

  • Foreign enterprises and private persons and their consultants with interests in Spain.
  • Spanish enterprises who would like to do business abroad. Their consultants may benefit from our contacts abroad without the necessity to establish their own network.

What services do we offer?

We dedicate ourselves principally to the following services:

  • To keep the accounts of enterprises and file tax returns.
  • To make economic, financial and accounting analyses at the request of other enterprises, for instance in the case of a purchase of the shares and the estimation of their value.
  • To prepare business plans.
  • To provide national and international tax consultancy in collaboration with foreign colleagues.
  • To act as accountants in bankruptcy cases, for example as legal managing director.
  • To manage mortgage loans.
  • To establish Spanish companies.
  • To represent non-residents as far their obligations and rights towards Hacienda are concerned.
  • "Assistance in case of buying of enterprises without being a broker e.g. the check of the value, due diligence and the communication of the investment to the authorities.
  • To check the data of enterprises like their seat, directors, conduct of payment and history.
  • To apply for subsidies.