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Company Evaluation

The need to evaluate companies grows every day, fundamentally due to the increase of mergers and acquisitions during the last years.
We can define the evaluation of a company as the process by which means is sought the quantification of the elements that represent the capital, the activity, the potential or whatever other characteristic of the company susceptible to be evaluated. The evaluation of these elements is not easy, involving numerous technical difficulties.

By evaluating a company is pretended to determine an interval of reasonable values between which the definitive value will be included. It is about fixing the intrinsic value of a company and not its market value, neither its price.

An evaluation is an estimation of the value that will never lead to the determination of an exact and unique figure, yet it will depend of the situation of the company, of the moment of the transaction and the used method.

Why evaluate a company?

The motives can be internal, in other words the evaluation is directed to the administrators of the company and not to determine its value for a subsequent sale. The objectives of these evaluations could be the following:

  • To know the company's capital structure
  • To verify the management carried out by the directors
  • To establish the dividends polic
  • To study the debt capacity
  • The restructuring of the capital
  • Inheritance, succession, etc.
  • The external reasons are motivated by the need to verify and demonstrate the value of the company to third parties. Normally with the purpose to sell the company or part of it, realise MBO ("Management Buy Out") and LBO ("Leveraged Buy Out") operations, debt consolidation loans or for mergers and acquisitions.

    Depending on your needs you will be able to choose between the different types of reports that we offer you:

  • Approximation of the value
  • Preliminary evaluation
  • Advanced evaluation
  • Complete evaluation
  • Customised evaluation services