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Who are we?

JIMÉNEZ CHACÓN & HERNÁNDEZ PÁEZ ASESORES is a professional office dedicated to integral advising in relation to Legal-Juridical assistance.

An office created and directed by professionals with extensive experience and, a clear purpose:
Offer advice that contributes to solutions, with an excellent professional service and, serving as a support for personal and business decisions.

In view of the continuous challenge that suppose the constant changes which take place in the business legislation, JIMÉNEZ CHACÓN & HERNÁNDEZ PÁEZ ASESORES have been realizing a constant effort in the recycling and the continuous training of all of its personnel.

How do we understand "assistance"?

  • Valuing the good communication with the client as the primary element to understand well his needs.
  • Custom designed assistance or operation according to the concrete necessities, using the appropriate instruments, starting from the most standardized up to the most specific and singular ones.
  • Taking great care over the details of all the stages, determining with accuracy the objective and the treatment of the information.
  • Providing operating results, offering solutions that help to make decisions, and absolute confidentiality on the information and results.

How do we work?

Our philosophy is to work within the framework of the Law. We aspire to realise our activity with transparency and openness. We want our clients to understand what we propose them.

The Spanish colleagues that contact us and want to use our foreign contacts do not have to worry: we are not interested in taking them their clients away. We appreciate it a lot to be able to offer certain services to colleagues in Spain.

Before sending the bill we communicate the client its quantity, in case he did not receive a binding estimate before. As a general rule we do not start working until receiving a down payment. By common consent we can proceed otherwise.

Our section tax consultancy gives you an idea of the Spanish Tax Law. Maybe this information results sufficient to you. If not we will be at your disposal to advise you.

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